The Prague Escorting Scene

Prague is the most fun place to enjoy sex tourism in Europe, and we can show you how to best enjoy it today.

But first, to put things in perspective, a brief history lesson...

The history of escorting in Prague

Within weeks of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Prague quickly became known as a destination where Western tourists could enjoy charming architecture, cheap quality beer and the company of naturally beautiful women.

As is always the case when rich men come in contact with relatively poorer women, money started to change hands, and soon an organised sex industry sprang up in Czechoslovakia, as it still was at that point in time.

Street prostitutes started to wait for clients on the streets of Prague, as well as on the highway between Prague and Dresden (the infamous E55 route). Meanwhile in hotels across the capital, high-class call girls waited in the lobby for guests.

Prague became a mecca for backpackers from the West and also groups of men celebrating bachelor parties, and with the rise of cheap flights, many sex clubs and brothels opened in the old town of Prague.

With the split between the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, the two countries took different legal paths when it came to prostitution, with the Czechs legalizing and regulating it.

In the mid nineties, the sex scene in Prague was split in two sectors. One sector was dominated by large, well-marketed and famous night clubs which also doubled as brothels, such as Goldfingers and K5 Relax, which catered to German, British, Italian and other Western visitors. These clubs were situated in the centre of Prague close to the hotels and tourist areas, and marketed themselves by handing out flyers in the street.

The other sector was comprised of girls working out of private apartments, in informal brothels known as privats. These tended to be located outside the centre of Prague and catered to Czech clients, and were advertised in newspapers. They were a lot cheaper than the brothels, and not always of a lower quality.

Escort agencies were very much in their infancy at this point, as it was hard to advertise without a physical location.

What changed everything was the internet.

By the late 1990's, escort agencies could advertise their presence to clients in and outside of the Czech Republic. It was no longer necessary to have a physical presence in the city, as clients could see and read about the girls on the agency books, and then book a girl by email or over the phone and they could come to their hotel.

Another innovation from the internet age was the creation of review sites and forums, which allowed clients to review the best girls, clubs, agencies and privats, and which to avoid.

All these historical influences have had the effect of shaping the modern-day paid sex scene in Prague and the Czech Republic.

The Prague escorting scene today

Today, Prague offers something for everyone who wishes to enjoy the company of a female companion, whether they are with a group of friends and want to enjoy a lady for a 15-minute quickie, or wish to book an elite and highly-reviewed companion for a weekend. You could even come to Prague for a 2-week holiday and sample every type of erotic entertainment possible; club, brothel, escort and privat apartment.

The best strip clubs and brothels

The best strip clubs and brothels are probably the oldest ones: Goldfingers just off the Wencelsas Square, and K5 Relax, just a short walk from the Old Town. Here you can soak up the atmosphere with your friends, watch some sexy ladies strip, and then be approached by girls who will take you to a private room. Ideal for bachelor parties or of you just want to look and not touch.

The best forums and review sites for Prague

These can be a vital resource for getting unbiased and helpful advice on the whole sex scene. You can post questions on the forums for specific answers. (free forum, best for it's private messaging system) (free review site) (paid review site)

The best escorting agencies

Of course, Lexus Escorts is the best escorting agency in Prague, but in the interests of fairness, here are a couple more:

When choosing an escort agency, make sure you trust the agency owner when you communicate with them, and do not be afraid to ask questions about the girls, what services they offer, and tell the agency what your plans are and who they think might be the best girl for the date.

The best privats and how to find them

Although it is more hard work than using an escort agency or club, it can be fun and cheap to go to a private apartment for an incall with a Czech lady. Although the quality can vary, you can occasionally get a real gem.

You can pick up one of the local newspapers such as Ceske Noviny and head for the classified sections. There will be a list of phone numbers and you can call the girl and get directions.

The best escort-friendly hotels

If you seek the company of an escort for any length of time, it is best to take the escort to your hotel, as the vast majority of them, whether they work as an independent or through an agency, do not offer the incall service of a privat. When choosing a hotel as a base for your escorting adventures, make sure that it is well-reviewed on the forums. You do not want to suffer a poor bed, or the walls to be too thin.

Also, bear in mind what the security is like, and how that will affect the girl coming to visit you. Does she require a key to use the elevator? Does it make more sense for you to meet her in the lobby?

We recommend the following escort-friendly hotels:

Some important tips

Because many of the girls working as escorts do not want their pictures available to their families, many escorting sites are blocked from the Czech Republic. So it is best to either do your research before you arrive, or make sure you have proxy software installed on your laptop or mobile device.

The escort girls will accept Euros, Czech Crowns and in some cases US dollars, so you can bring in cash with you for your trip. Some of the top clubs will also accept credit cards, but cash is still preferred.

Only take cash from ATM's. Never exchange cash in the street as there are many cases of fraud and robbery.

We wish you much success with your trip to Prague!

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